Linking with C library

Full working code for concepts described in this section is here.

Begin by adding fdb crate as a dependency in your Cargo.toml file.

fdb = "0.x"

fdb crate supports linking with different versions of the C library using cargo feature flags. In order to correctly build your application, you are required to specify the version of the C library to link against. This can be done in two ways. Either by using the command line option --features fdb/fdb-X_Y or by specifying the following in your Cargo.toml. Here X is the major version and Y is the minor version of FoundationDB.

default = ["fdb/fdb-X_Y"]

If you have installed in a non-standard location, you can use the environment variable RUSTC_LINK_SEARCH_FDB_CLIENT_LIB to specify the location of the C library.

Note While it is required for your application to link to a specific version of fdb_c library during build time, FoundationDB client can also dynamically load newer version during runtime. This feature is used during cluster upgrades. See this link for details.

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